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The Enemy Keeps Us From Repenting

The enemy knows all too well how we work, and what makes us tick. He knows all the right buttons to push to get us to fall. We have to diligently take up the full armor of God to fight the enemy. It can't be done on our own strength but through the power of Jesus Christ. Lately the spiritual attacks have been overwhelming to me. This is only because I haven't been operating in my TOOLS that God has given all us Christians to fight. One of those powerful tools is prayer!

This is such and important thing to do for a married couple or a couple period. There is so much power when a Christian couple prays together.

The hardest thing to do is pray when we know we are messing up with God. We feel guilty, unworthy of his love or forgiveness, and ashamed of our behavior. This is not only our flesh fighting us, but the enemy at work. This is exactly what he wants us to do.

The more we sin and keep from praying and repenting, the further away we grow from God, the more difficult it is to come back to him. This is very dangerous.

Always remember no matter what you do or how bad you feel always pray and repent to the father as soon as possible.

The devil is the accuser of the brethren. The more time we spend apart from God, satan is building a case against us to present to God. If we aren't repenting or are taking a long time to do so, we are giving the enemy legal right to come into our lives and cause issues.

The devil is in the holy courtroom saying....look at what this person did. They are breaking the commandments that you gave them. They haven't even repented for them. Let me go to them so I may sift them like wheat!

Pray and repent of your sins as soon as it happens no matter how bad you feel or how you feel you failed him. His mercies are new everyday and he is faithful and just to forgive! Doing so closes the window of time the devil is allowed access to you as well as renders him powerless!

Stay prayed up saints!

God bless you all!

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